Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate
‘The Home of Creativity and Diverse Opportunity’

Welcome to the King's Theatre at Queen Ethelburga's

The King’s Theatre is part of Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate and home to ‘QE Performing Arts’. Our Theatre is a full scale professional venue which has a seating capacity of 310. We aim to provide a wide and vibrant range of creative engagement opportunities, a great many of which are produced in house while others are invited in and help to make up our diverse programme each year. The King’s Theatre is proud to share a large part of their creative engagement programme with the local community, offering a broad array of practical workshops, performances, musical festivals, talks and presentations throughout the year. We are particularly proud of our partnerships with local schools and strive to forge positive links whilst promoting creativity and diverse opportunity for all.


Tickets for all productions are available by emailing
Or online at our Eventbrite page.

Or online at our Eventbrite page.